Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I have been seriously blessed in the realm of roommates throughout my life. For whatever reason, our relationships never stop at the appropriate boundary of "just someone I live with." It's always a case of fast friends, and I am so grateful (Shout out to Megan Pinto, Ellie Barone, Danielle Blakeman, and Emmie Ocker). Alhamdullilah (Thanks be to God), this time around was no different. Nausheen is straight up the only person on this trip who is as goofy as I am. We have a grand time together, especially in our hotel in Cappadocia, but more about that later. It's basically become a two week sleepover, complete with night time antics, spiritual conversations, and her professional Turkish hijab stylings. See picture below. We share a love of chocolate, poetry, dancing like fools, and good music. I have so much to learn from such an amazing woman! I am so, so glad to have met her.

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